Sunday, December 4, 2016

SYSG update

Sunday 12/4/16.

Good morning! If you have been watching the Shi Yazhi Sage Gallery website over the last few months you should have seen some changes.

When starting this gallery, I wanted it to help those budding artist who struggle with representation and exposure of their work. I didn't realize that it would take so long to actually acquire artist in the gallery. This morning we are pleased with our two added artists; Corey Yazzie and Margaret Gallegos. Moreover, I am pleased that they trust in SYSG to represent them.

Corey Yazzie

Corey's work caught my eye as I was trolling through FB. I appreciate the boldness in his work. New artists tend to shy away from showing their work because they lack the confidence or become afraid of the critique. While Corey is quite an accomplished artist (check out his pencil work and the technique he uses) he demonstrates practical application of media in the work SYSG is showing. His use of colors makes his work appealing to me because there is a curious balance to the entire work. I stress to new artist that use of space is essential, whether it is left blank or completely filled in; the entire canvas, paper, etc, should be used. There should be process of the space and presentation of piece.

One can find a 'glowing' effect in Corey's work that will present nicely in darkened room such as a dinning room, a bar, or private hallway. This work is to be shown in a public location where it will be greatly admired. Corey presents a work that I could not do and that is what is admirable for many artists.

Margaret Zamora Gallegos

I met Margaret also while trolling through FB and liked a piece shown by her daughter, whom I know from my day job at The Specialty Shop. Laura (the daughter) presented a unique idea to me about reviewing Margaret's work and perhaps helping her with presentation. I found Margaret's piece "The Shout" thorough and stunning. 

I decided to follow up and see if I can help her. More of her work proved to be what I expected of an artist in this caliber. Margaret is a new artist (she's only been at work for less than 5 years) and her story of how she became the artist is also stunning. Gert and I decided to represent her in the gallery. 

Margaret's work demonstrates a delicate balance of the entire work to me. "The Shout" in particular illustrates exactly what I mention about use of space (in Corey's comments above) and the use of color. As one considers "The Shout" and realizes that this work is not from a trained or schooled artist, the appeal greatly increases. Hang this piece in your dinning area where you can see it and remember its purpose because it is a family theme.

I am so glad to add these two artists to our gallery. 


So is one work better than the other? That can be a question regarding artwork, but it really is an inappropriate and unqualified question. The beauty is found in the beholder, the viewer of the work that is. It is a personal preference; some art appreciators are drawn by the story of the piece or the artist while others are attracted by the visual concept. 

SYSG mission statement is to introduce new artists. We have two great and awesome artists on our gallery that we are so pleased to introduce to you. Enjoy! Buy their work now because they are going to go beyond SYSG. 

In the meantime, Gert and I are still at work painting! We have a show in Phoenix next weekend at the Pueblo Grand Museum. We will have Margaret's work on hand in case you wish to make a purchase on it. 

Ms. Margaret Gallegos painting experience is greater than 5 years, but new to the market. Nevertheless, her work is very impressive. 

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