Wednesday, November 14, 2018

We have just entered into our 9th month of business at Shi Yazhi Sage Gallery & Studio. The time has just since flown by.

Thank you to all our visitors during the month of October. We had a great showing with the Balloon Fiesta crowd and visitors. I never realized that Albuquerque had SO MANY visitors, especially at this time of the year. 

I nearly sold all of my Winter's Healing paintings. I have 3 left. We did also sell the grand YeiBiChei painting, as well as "The Tinker". They each found a great home. Thank you for your purchase. I have been busy with keeping the gallery running and updated. 

I did explore several website hosts and other forms of social media. I realize that it is best to be back where I started- so here we are. This appears to me to be the best for to reach our interested customers, friends and family. In reviewing my past posts, the last entry I made in this blog was when we just opened the gallery in March. There has been much development since. 

I am working on a large Winter's Healing painting, then I need to do a large YeiBiChei next. I also have been working on the hand painted Christmas ornaments.