Thursday, June 9, 2016


It has been my goal to update this blog as I continue in business and painting. However, as life happens, there are many things happening through out the day. Then the days turn into weeks and the the weeks into months. It is quite impressive how fast times rolls along.

Gert and I have four children; Sage, Eric, Cody and Darren. As some of you know, Sage passed in 2007. It has been a major artifact in our lives. Eric lives near us with his daughter, Cody lives in Albuquerque, and Darren lives in Kansas with his small family. Today, Gert and I have foster children that take up the large part of our day. It is something to start over again with small children, but we believe these children were given to us for a reason - so we accepted them. They are Nina (11), Tomar (8) and David (6). They are beautiful kids but they are kids. They have been living with us for about 4 years.

Gert and I celebrated our 25th anniversary this past Valentines Day. It is quite and accomplishment and sometimes, I find it hard to believe we made it that far.

So as a family we are constantly busy supporting each other. Thus, my time is limited in reaching this blog. But that is life! The life of an artist!

Since our last show, the Red Rocks Arts and Crafts show in Jemez Pueblo, I developed intense sciatica. I have a history of it, but this last episode has been the worst pain I felt from it. It literally deliberated me from really doing anything and it was very frustrating. To make matter worse, I also kinked my neck when sleeping (because I couldn't lay normally) and pinched a nerve in my neck. I was in a crazy physical state these last two days. Today I am coming out of it with the help of some Valium and Tramadol - I feel that I can function again - hooray!

I am finally painting again today. Since I sold all my Winter's Healing paintings, I need to build and inventory for our next showing.

Well, today's blog post is about life, the life as an artist. It is just like every family, we make it work and we work at it. Thank you for reading.

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